Cocoon Oil Hydrating Organic Body Oil sensitive skin safe


Cocoon oil
Introducing an oil inspired by the bringing of new life and the joys and constant changes of motherhood.

While I crave many things during pregnancy, “me time” is high on my list. I needed a low-scent delicate blend for my changing body and self care ritual-for self massage. A blend to help combat stretch marks, promote blood flow, and keep skin supple and hydrated. As well as keeping my mind feeling good during this precious time. And so, this blend was born. Though created with pregnancy in mind, this oil is inclusive of all bods. This universal oil can be used all over the body, face and hair ends. Blended to be safe for sensitive bodies, this blend is suitable during pregnancy and even for babies.

Two plant infusions are present in this blend.

First a long infusion of homegrown Calendula steeped in sunflower oil. The natural scent of Calendula smells divine and carries a long list of benefits for your skin while still being very gentle.

Next is antioxidant rich Hibiscus flower petals infused in almond oil. Hibiscus has a long list of benefits including collagen support, speeds wound healing , and helps ease

Calming Moroccan Blue tansey is the only added essential oil. It reduces heat in the body and calms down inflamed skin and is antibacterial , great for breakouts and clogged pores.

Siberian Sea buckthorn berry oil’s high levels of antioxidants give way to this oils beautiful color and Berry scent .

Desert Prickly pear oil is high in vitamin-e and treats scars and battles stretch marks . It improves overall tone and texture of the skin .

Magical Moringa is anti-aging , highly supportive and protective to the skin barrier , fights acne and dark spots, and is ultra hydrating.

This oil is very universal and is not just for pregnant mamas but for anyone looking for a relaxing hydrating experience with healthy skin benefits

Local Calendula infused sunflower oil
Hibiscus infused almond oil
African Moringa leaves oil
Prickly pear seed oil
Siberian Sea buckthorn berry
Moroccan Blue Tansey

All oils are cold pressed and organic

This is a limited 2 oz glass amber bottle